FAQ - Performance on heavy duty bots

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago


PROBLEM: Transfer to some or all users is stalling.

1. Set "overallmaxspeed" to the maximum bandwidth you can use, so the bot can calculate the traffic and share it under the users.

2. Set "ignoreuploadbandwidth" so an upload don't slow down downloads.

SRVQ should not go high

PROBLEM: Bot is slow in responding to users.

1. Set "restrictprivlist" and let "restrictprivlistmsg" to an http url with the pack list, so the SRVQ on the bot doesn't fill up.

2. Set "notifytime" to 0 or to a high value (e.g 30 minutes).

3. If "notifytime" does not help, set "quietmode" so you send less messages to the users on transfer.

4. If the network does not enforce flood protection, you may set "slow_privmsg" to 0, so the bot will send as much messages as it can.
Be careful with this option, this may get your bot banned on the network.


PROBLEM: The bot is slow on responding on the console.

1. Check that you exclude the "statefile" and all logfiles from scanning with AV software.

2. Do not use NFS oder Network Shares for the Packs.

3. Set "monitor_files" to a low value (e.g. 2 to 5), so the bot don't check the files as often.

4. Disable "xdccxmlfile", to save a lot of disk bandwidth.

5. Enable "logrotate" so the logfiles do not grow huge.

6. Set "autoadd_time" to a high value (e.g 900 Seconds == 15 minutes) or have it disabled.