iroffer-dinoex: Version 3.30

Added by Dirk Meyer over 2 years ago

411) VERSION (suggested by Loke_AF)

new admin command:
  VERSION                              Show version of iroffer

bugfix: QUEUE (reported by Days)
Ignore Hostname check if admin has queued for different nicks.

bugfix: openssl
Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 and allow TLS1.0, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 protocol

bugfix: xddclistfile (reported by Loke_AF)
After "ADD" then xddclistfile was written too late.

bugfix: md5sum (reported by Loke_AF)
Bot can crash when the current file is truncated.
versions affected: 3.28 - 3.29

bugfix: CTCP SEARCH (reported by Dagger)
The ending code 0x01 was not removed from search.

bugfix: logfile (reported by OmegaPhil)
Bot will crash if logfile is not writeable.
versions affected: 1.1 - 3.29

bugfix: nomd5 (reported by [M]-V)
Announce stalled if nomd5 is set and nocrc32 is not set.
versions affected: 1.27 - 3.29

bugfix: statefile (reported by Loke_AF)
When the filesystem id has changed, the bot updates the statefile on startup.

bugfix: transferlimits (reported by Loke_AF)
Handle change of Daylight Saving Time corectly.

410) FETCH queue
FETCH comands are now queued if max_uploads is reached.

bugfix: FETCH
When resuming a file the full content was fetched.

bugfix: FETCH
FETCH did not use the configured local_vhost.

bugfix: max_uploads
max_uploads will now count all incoming transfers.

Get the filename and date from remote HTTP-server.
On completed download to the bot the file is renamed.

bugfix: autoadd_time
Skip autoadd when packs_delayed is not empty.

408) DCC STATUS (suggested by OmegaPhil)
Report idle queue in DCC STATUS reply.

407) server_send_max
Restrict the size of the buffer the bot sends to the irc-server.
Otherwise the bot will be banned cause of excess flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 600

406) server_send_rate
Limit the median number of characters per second the bot sends
to the IRC server.
Otherwise the bot will be banned cause of excess flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 25

405) reminder_send_retry
Defines how often the bot retries to start the XDDC SEND to the user.
The default is 2 retries.

extend debug and log information.

iroffer-dinoex: Version 3.29

Added by Dirk Meyer over 5 years ago

bugfix: XDCC SEND (reported by cheeseboy)
Sanitize filenames with quotes.

bugfix: Configure -no-chroot (reported by Zlogene)
Build without nss library

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.8

bugfix: French translation
Updated by Sébastien Picavet


new user commands:
  XDCC OPTION +IPV4          force IPv4 transfer
  XDCC OPTION +IPV6          force IPv6 transfer
  XDCC OPTION +ACTIVE        force active DCC mode
  XDCC OPTION +PASSIVE       force passive DCC mode
  XDCC OPTION +QUIET         set quietmode for transfer

bugfix: channel -delay (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 1.24 - 3.28
Do not add up delays of different channels.

bugfix: status_time_dcc_chat (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 3.28
Show value for SrvQ of current network.

403) logrotate (suggested by Loke_AF)
logroate will now run exactly at the border of the time given.

bugfix: tcprangestart (reported by HK)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.28
On busy bots transfers could abort when tcprangestart was set.

402) Export the packlist as json
htdocs/json.txt.rb: export packlist in json format.

bugfix: conenctionmethod "bnc", "wingate", "custom"
versions affected: 3.12 - 3.28
Config was not accepted whithout extra parameters.

401) XDCC BATCH (inspired by mflatischler)
Allow limiting patterns to segments and groups in BATCH.

new user commands:
  XDCC BATCH <a>-<b>*<pattern>       Try to send or queue packs from <a> to <b> matching <pattern>
  XDCC BATCH <g>*<pattern>           Try to send or queue packs from group <g> matching <pattern>

400) BATCH
Allow limiting patterns to segments and groups in BATCH.

new admin commands:
  BATCH <nick> <n>-<m>*<pattern> <net> Queues packs <n> to <m> matching <pattern> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <g>*<pattern> <net>     Queues pack with group <g> matching <pattern> for <nick> in idle queue

changed admin commands:

  CLEARRECORDS                       Clears transfer, bandwidth, uptime, and transfer limits.
  CLEARGETS                          Clears download counters for each pack and total sent and uptime.

bugfix: md5sum (found by Trellmor)
When running in background, somtimes md5 calculation could not be completed.

bugfix: DUMP
Fix output of usenatip and channels.

398) headline, channel -headline
You can now define mutiple headlines.

Improve ruby_script method "info_pack" if called for the same pack.

397) autoignore_rate
How strict should the auto-ignore be? autoignore_rate is the maximum
number of requests per second from a user.
Default: 8

Short Term Features:
201 1/19/04 Open configurable to set how aggressive auto-ignore is

396) flood_protection_rate (suggested by Loke_AF)
How strict should the bot activate its global flooding protection.
Value is the maximum number successful executed commands in the last
10 seconds.
Default: 6

395) http_allow (suggested by Loke_AF)
Defines ip networks, which are allowed to access the the bot via telnet.
Multiple ip networks can be specified
Default: all.

394) http_deny
Defines ip networks, that should not access the the bot via telnet.
Multiple ip networks can be specified
Default: none.

bugfix: respondtochannelxdcc (reported by DoomyTheTrafficCone)
No longer respond to unsupported comamnds in channels.

iroffer-dinoex: Version 3.28

Added by Dirk Meyer about 6 years ago

bugfix: gnutls_protocol_set_priority deprecated
Now newer gnutls API 2.12.x is used.

393) ruby_script (suggested by kenoki)
New method "on_upload_completed" called for each file uploaded by XDCC or FETCH.

Configure -no-chroot (Sébastien Picavet)
Build without chroot() support

bugfix: exit status (Sébastien Picavet)
Exit staus in backgroung is now 0 on success.

bugfix: send_listfile (reported by Bachstelze)
Default was not set on REHASH.
XDCC LIST SEND was not disabled.

392) admin_job_done_file (suggested by Loke_AF)
Write the output from the commands in "admin_job_file" into this file.
Default: <admin_job_file>.done

391) REMOVELOST (suggested by Loke_AF, Sakura`Kinomoto)

new admin commands:

  REMOVELOST                         Remove all lost packs
  REMOVELOST <pattern>               Remove lost packs matching this pattern

390) md5sum_exclude (suggested by Loke_AF)
configured, MD5 and CRC32 will be not computed for files matching
this patterns.

389) SERVQ (suggested by Loke_AF)

new admin command:

  SERVQ <net>                        Clears the server send queue

Without argument not all networks where affected.

Allow DELTRIGGER when CHTRIGGER is enabled.

bugfix: expire_logfiles (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 3.26 - 3.27
Bot could not delete expired files.

-kqueue Compile with kqueue() support

bugfix: md5
Warn if the file gets truncated while hashing.

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.6

bugfix: http_port
Reduce load when sending data over HTTP.

bugfix: max_upspeed (reported by Loke_AF)
The CPU load reached 100% when max_upspeed as limiting an upload.

Configure -kqueue
Use kqueue to interfaces with the kernel for better performance.

388) autoaddann_mask (suggested by Aashiqmunda)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will only announce files
that do match this patterns.

387) adddir_match (suggested by TheDeath)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will skip all files that do
not match this patterns.

386) CLEARRECORDS, CLEARGETS (suggested by Loke_AF)
Backup the statefile before clearing.

385) ruby_script (suggested by CreeW)
New method "on_packlist", called if the pack list has changed.

384) extend_status_line (suggested by Loke_AF)
Print SrvQ of current network.

383) INFO, QUEUE, IQUEUE, SEND (suggested by Loke_AF)
Allow -1 for the xdcclistfile.

bugfix: telnet_port
Logging was reporting only the first network name.

382) Export for XDCC parser
htdocs/parser.txt.rb: export all packs in XDCC Parser notaion.

bugfix: overallmaxspeed (reported by Loke_AF)
Fix distribution of load over mutiple transfers.

bugfix: http_port (reported by sheppert)
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.27
In field 'slotsfree' of the weblist was the value of 'slotsused' displayed.

iroffer-dinoex: Version 3.27

Added by Dirk Meyer about 7 years ago

Extend the Makefile with custom translations

new admin command:

  REMOVEMATCH <pattern>              Remove every pack matching this pattern

bugfix: Configure (reported by OmegaPhil)
Ensure detection of sendfile on Linux works with gcc46.

bugfix: XDCC SEND
If user has already packs in the idlequeue, do not add new packs from him to the mainqueue.

381) subdirs_delayed
When configured, addir, addnew, and autoadd will scan subdirs later.
This keeps the bot responsive if you have a huge directory tree.
Default: off, subdirectories are scanned immediatly.

bugfix: DUMP
Fix output of values with multiplier.

380) server_connect_timeout (insprired by Thom)
Set the starting timeout in seconds on connect to the IRC-server.
This setting can only be set per network.
Default: 5

379) DCLD (insprired by Aashiqmunda)
Show IP and country with DCLD.

378) respondtochannellist, respondtochannelxdcc (inspired by CreeW)
This setting can be global or per network.

377) periodicmsg (insprired by nanashiRei)
Setting now only per network. Multiple lines per net allowed.

376) IQSEND (inspired by CreeW)
new admin commands:

  IQSEND                             Push next entry from idle queue into main queue
  IQSEND <id>                        Push given entry from idle queue into main queue

Show HOLDQUEUE in botinfo when active.

375) OFFLINE, ONLINE (inspired by isengaurd)
new admin commands:

  OFFLINE                            Close all networks
  OFFLINE <net>                      Close given network
  ONLINE                             Resume all networks
  ONLINE <net>                       Resume given network

374) announce_size (inspired by vice)
Print size of pack on announce.
Default: no

bugfix: http_port
Force GMT to all Dates.

373) http_dir
Support partial downloads and resume of files.
Count all files into maxspeed.

bugfix: ignore_duplicate_ip
Remove user from queue too.

372) statefile
Startup and shutdown of the bot is now much faster.

371) tcp_nodelay, tcp_buffer_size (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Better defaults for Windows/CYGWIN builds.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: BATCH (reported by Aashiqmunda)
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.26
Bot did crash on admin command if the range was exeeding the last pack on the bot.

370) delayed announce (inspired by TheDeath)
Delay announce till all files are added
and the checkums has been computed.
Wait if pack stays locked.

bugfix: autosendpack (reported by Jikan)
Allow "autosendpack" with packnumber '-1'.

369) RUBY
new admin commands:

  RUBY <method> <args>               Call a method in the ruby_script with parameters <args>
  RUBY <method>                      Call a method in the ruby_script with no parameters

bugfix: REHASH (reported by CreeW)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.26
Bot crashed when no global "user_nick" was defined.

368) XDCC SEND (inspired by TheDeath)
Tell user to use "XDCC REMOVE <number>".

367) PRINT, ruby_script
New variables for irconfig() "disk_space", "disk_space_text", "packsum",
"idlequeueused", "mainqueueused", "slotsfree", "slotsused",
"transfereddaily", "transferedweekly", "transferedmonthly",
"transferedtotal", "transferedtotalbytes", "uptime", "totaluptime",
"bandmax", "banduse"
New variable "mynick"

366) http_port
Use short urls in weblist.

bugfix: mime_type
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.26
Extra mime_type definitions where only used once.

iroffer-dinoex: Version 3.26

Added by Dirk Meyer over 7 years ago

365) tcp_nodelay
Disable the Nagle buffering algorithm in TCP.
The operating system will not optimze the size of each TCP packet.

364) tcp_buffer_size
Set the Networkbuffer for TCP connection to the given value in kByte.
Default: 0 = the operating system default.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: statefile
Allow loading a 64bit statefile on a 32bit system.
Format is now independent from time_t of the system.

bugfix: XDCC INFO
Fix byteorder of CRC32 of a compressed file.

363) backup statefile
Backup statefile when version of iroffer changes

362) offline
Disable connecting to this network.

bugfix: CLOSEC (reported by unlogisch)
Bot did crash when paramater did not match a chat.
versions affected: 3.25

bugfix: getip_network (reported by Gotanius)
DCC IP was not set on startup.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.25

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Use new API for ruby 1.9.2

361) Export the crc32/md5 as sumfile
htdocs/sfv.txt.rb: export crc32 in sfv format.
pack: "/sfv.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/sfv.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/sfv.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"
htdocs/md5.txt.rb: export md5 in md5sum format
pack: "/md5.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/md5.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/md5.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"
htdocs/info.txt.rb: export file info as list.
pack: "/info.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/info.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/info.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"

360) htdocs
Suport ruby cgi scripts that generate non html mime data.
"name.txt.rb" will generate plain text content.

359) ruby_script
Extend method "info_pack" to request fields of a pack.
Implemented: "group_desc", "bytes", "size", "name"
Extend access to network config for simple variables.
Extend "command" to take any number of parameters.

bugfix: NEWANN
NEWANN caused the bot to crash.
versions affected: 3.25

358) NEWANN (inspired by SellKony, CreeW)

new admin commands:
  NEWANN <n> <channel> <net>         ANNOUNCE for the last <n> packs in channel <channel> on net <net>
  NEWANN <n> <channel>               ANNOUNCE for the last <n> packs in channel <channel>

bugfix: XDCC STOP
Bot did not remove "XDCC LIST" when the output had not started yet.

357) RMALLQ (inspired by Loke_AF)

new admin command:
  RMALLQ                             Removes entries from idle and main queue

356) translations
All translation can be build from the same src
All translaten binaries have a suffix by default:
iroffer-de, iroffer-fr, iroffer-it
Fix problem with leftover files from older versions.

bugfix: bsdmake
Generated Makefile now supports both gnumake and bsdmake.

355) XDCC BATCH, BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Allow backwards ranges from <a> downto <b>.

bugfix: logstats (reported by LazyTiger)
With logstats off, logroate was ignored.
With logstats on and no logfile defined, not stats where printed to DCC chat.

bugfix: ./Lang ??
Detect and use "utf-8" if $LANG is set in the enviroment.

354) iroffer -c mybot.config
If a configfile is given,
the encrypted password will not be printed,
but directly added to the end of the configfile.

bugfix: XDCC INFO
Don't show desc if it is identical with filename.

bugfix: XDCC BATCH (reported by Aashiqmunda)
The end of a range was not checked.

iroffer-state: 2.17

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 8 years ago

translate number
translate traffic hint
translate download
French translation by Dan Devito
English translation of the sample file

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.25

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 8 years ago

bugfix: BOTINFO (reported by dns777)
BOTINFO showed garbage for DCC-IP before the first connect.

Bot could crash when paramater did not match a transfer.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

bugfix: local_vhost
Connect only to the matching address family of the vhost.

353) expire_logfiles (inspired by UndErDarK, TheDeath)
After the given number of days the old logfiles are deleted.
This will only be checked after logrotate.
Default: logfiles are not deleted.

352) geoip6database (inspired by TheDeath)
Set the path to the database file for IPv6.
If you don't have a database you can download it from:
Default: no lookups for IPv6.

bugfix: geoipdatabase
Reload database after file is updated.

351) NOAUTOADD (inspired by [M]-V)

  new admin command:
  NOAUTOADD <x>                      Disables AUTOADD for next <x> minutes

Allow mutiple segments and lists in BATCH.

  new user commands:
  XDCC BATCH <a>,<b>,<c>             Sende die Pakete mit Nummer <a>, <b> und <c>
  XDCC BATCH <a>-<b>,<n>-<m>         Sende die Pakete von Nummer <a> bis Nummer <b> und von Nummer <n> bis Nummer <m>

349) BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Allow mutiple segments and lists in BATCH.

  new admin commands:
  BATCH <nick> <g>,<s>,<n-m>         Queues pack with group <g>, pack <s> and pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <g>,<s>,<n-m> <net>   Queues pack with group <g>, pack <s> and pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue

348) French translation (contributed by Dandevito)
Activate with "./Lang fr" after "Configure"
to switch back to English call "./Lang en"

Show the CRC32 of content of a compressed file.

346) ignore_duplicate_ip (inspired by Loke_AF)
Detect faked hostmasks and abort multiple transfers to the same host
and ignore the user for the give time in hours.
Default: 0 == no check.

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Bot did not build with ruby 1.9.1.

345) xdccxmlfile
Speed up writing the xdccxmlfile.

344) DUMP
On DUMP now all config data is written in seperate section.

343) dump_all
If set shows all config vars on DUMP.
Default is to show only non default entries.

342) announce_suffix_color (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Set color for the instructions suffix in the announce message.
This will print the text "/MSG <botname> XDCC GET <nr>" in color.
Default no color.


  new admin commands:
  CHLIMIT <n> <m> <x>                Change download limit to <x> transfers per day for pack <n> to <m>
  CHGETS <n> <m> <x>                 Set the get counter to <x> for pack <n> to <m>

340) CHMINS, CHMAXS (inspired by CreeW)

  new admin commands:
  CHMINS <n> <m> <x>                 Change min speed to <x> KB/s for pack <n> to <m>
  CHMAXS <n> <m> <x>                 Change max speed to <x> KB/s for pack <n> to <m>

bugfix: autoaddann (reported by Aashiqmunda)
Removed []-brackets from default announce text.

339) show_group_of_pack (inspired by Zenquibo)
Export your xdcc list with group for each pack.
Default output is just the packs

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (report by Hikaru Shindo)
Extend the structure so it is easier to parse.
Create and publish an XML DTD file.

338) AUTOCANCEL (inspired by [M]-V)

  new admin command:
  AUTOCANCEL                         Cancels all pending add and remove actions

337) adddir_min_size (inspired by Gamerkun)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will skip all files that are
smaller then the gives size in kB.
Default: no check

- bugfix: getip_network (reported by paulhamm)
Bot could crash when paramater did not match a network.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

336) channel -plaintext (inspired by TheDeath)
Disable colors when announcing for this channel.

335) plaintext
Disable colors when announcing on this network.

- bugfix: console
Bot could crash when editing commandline.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

- bugfix: BOTINFO
Show list of compiled in features.

iroffer-state: 2.15

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 8 years ago

fix md5 with 64bit time
add space in tooltip for opera
add version to footer


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