ab Version 3.22

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago

bugfix: autosendpack, CHTRIGGER (reported by Lamune)
versions affected: 3.21
Bot crashes on trigger message.

If a renamed file is found on AUTOADD, fix the existing pack with the new filename.

bugfix: Configure
Ensure detection works with gcc46.

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.4.20100609

Make autoadd less verbose.

bugfix: CTCP PING (reported by TheDeath)
versions affected: 3.8 - 3.21
Bot did not respond on CTCP PING.

bugfix: server_connected_raw (reported by mynakee)
versions affected: 3.12 - 3.21
Do not crash on invalid config lines.

329) autoadd_color (inspired by CreeW)
Set color for files to be added in autoadd_dir.
Default no color.
Format: <color>,<background>,<style>

328) CHCOLOR (inspired by CreeW)

new admin commands:
  CHCOLOR <n> <m> <x>,<b>,<s>        Set the of pack <n> to <m> to color <x>, background <b> and style <s>
  CHCOLOR <n> <x>,<b>,<s>            Set the of pack <n> to color <x>, background <b> and style <s>

values for color, background:
     0 no color
     1 black
     2 blue (navy)
     3 green
     4 red
     5 brown (maroon)
     6 purple
     7 orange (olive)
     8 yellow
     9 light green (lime)
    10 teal (a green/blue cyan)
    11 light cyan (cyan) (aqua)
    12 light blue (royal)
    13 pink (light purple) (fuchsia)
    14 grey
    15 light grey (silver)
    16 white
values for style:
     0 = none
     1 = bold
     2 = underline
     4 = italic
     8 = inverse

bugfix: italic text was not stripped

327) DISKFREE (inspired by Erdrick)
new admin command:

  DISKFREE                        Shows free space in upload directory

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: XDCC BATCH (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 3.21
BATCH was aborted after one pack.

bugfix: SSL
Make connection more robust if the irc-server is busy.

326) http_access_log (inspired by TheDeath)
If defined, iroffer will log http request in CLF compatible format.
Default: disabled.

325) logrotate <n> (inspired by Globulus)
Allow faster logroate each <n> hour.

324) download_completed_msg (inspired by Xarda)
Put a credit at the end of each transfer.

References TODO:
Short Term Features:
141 11/12/00 Open send credit line when sending packs

323) DELTRIGGER (inspired by k1ll0r-chan)
new admin command:

  DELTRIGGER <n> <m>              Delete trigger for pack <n> to <m>

new admin command:

  CLOSEGET <net> <nick>           Cancel Request for bot <nick>

321) status_time_dcc_chat (inspired by OmegaPhil)
Defines the time in seconds for a status line in dcc chat.
Default: 120

extend debug and log information.