ab Version 3.23

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Method "on_added" did not announce on true.

bugfix: transfermethod "freebsd-sendfile" (reported by SamKook)
Fall back on plain read/write if sendfile aborts.

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (submitted by praya)
The XML was not well-formed for transfereddaily an more.

335) requeue_sends (inspired by Loke_AF, Xarda)
When the bot shutdowns, sends are aborted. With this option set, sends
are saved with the queued items, so transfers might resume on restart.

bugfix: CHCOLOR (reported by Aashiqmunda)
xdcclistfileraw was ignored.
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.22

bugfix: ADMIN
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.22
Bot did respond in a message in a channel start with ADMIN.

bugfix: xdcclist_grouponly (reported by Trellmor)
If xdcclist_grouponly is not set, do not confuse the user with
"XDCC LIST group" and " XDCC LIST ALL".

334) RMQ, RMIQ (inspired by [M]-V)

new admin commands:
  CLOSE                              Cancels all transfers
  CLOSEU                             Cancels all uploads
  RMQ                                Removes all entries from main queue
  RMIQ                               Removes all entries from idle queue
  FETCHCANCEL                        Stop download of all fetch running
  CLOSEC                             Closes all DCC chats

333) http_forbidden (inspired by TheDeath)
Defines the URL page to show when access is forbidden.
The given URL must resolve in a file in http_dir.
Default: Send only the HTTP error.

bugfix: http_geoip (reported by TheDeath)
Could not be switched off.
Now generate HTTP 403 Forbidden.

bugfix: CHCOLOR
Fix problem when filename starts with a number.

332) no_natural_sort (inspired by lailoken)
Wenn konfiguriert, werden alle Texte nach ASCII sortiert.
Default: natürlliche Sortierenung.

bugfix: http_port (reported by Nouhime)
Allow groups with "&" in weblist.

331) BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)

new admin commands:
  BATCH <nick> <g>                   Queues pack with group <g> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <g> <net>             Queues pack with group <g> for <nick> in net <net> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <n>-<m>               Queues pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <n>-<m> <net>         Queues pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in net <net> in idle queue

bugfix: SHUTDOWN
versions affected: 1.0 - 3.22
Nicht alle Nachricten wurden gesendet.
Laufende Uploads un Downloads wurden nicht sauber beendet.

bugfix: AUTOADD
versions affected: 3.22
If you have filenames with multiple directory separators,
e.G. "//", "/./" or "/../" then the
Bot could stop working with "To many open files".