ab Version 3.24

Added by Dirk Meyer about 8 years ago

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: SHUTDOWN (reported by Zir0h)
Bot crashes on "SHUTDOWN" when build with ruby 1.9.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (report by nanashiRei)
Fix spelling in xmltag bandwith -> bandwidth.

bugfix: CLOSEU (reported by [M]-V)
Bot did crash when a bad upload id is passed.
versions affected: 3.23

bugfix: autoadd_dir
Directories with spaces where not parsed.

bugfix: GET (reported by unlogisch)
Bot crashed if uploaddir was not defined.
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.23

bugfix: autoaddann (reported by Aashiqmunda)
If no ruby_script was defined, bot did no announce.