ab Version 3.25

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 8 years ago

bugfix: BOTINFO (reported by dns777)
BOTINFO showed garbage for DCC-IP before the first connect.

Bot could crash when paramater did not match a transfer.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

bugfix: local_vhost
Connect only to the matching address family of the vhost.

353) expire_logfiles (inspired by UndErDarK, TheDeath)
After the given number of days the old logfiles are deleted.
This will only be checked after logrotate.
Default: logfiles are not deleted.

352) geoip6database (inspired by TheDeath)
Set the path to the database file for IPv6.
If you don't have a database you can download it from:
Default: no lookups for IPv6.

bugfix: geoipdatabase
Reload database after file is updated.

351) NOAUTOADD (inspired by [M]-V)

  new admin command:
  NOAUTOADD <x>                      Disables AUTOADD for next <x> minutes

Allow mutiple segments and lists in BATCH.

  new user commands:
  XDCC BATCH <a>,<b>,<c>             Sende die Pakete mit Nummer <a>, <b> und <c>
  XDCC BATCH <a>-<b>,<n>-<m>         Sende die Pakete von Nummer <a> bis Nummer <b> und von Nummer <n> bis Nummer <m>

349) BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Allow mutiple segments and lists in BATCH.

  new admin commands:
  BATCH <nick> <g>,<s>,<n-m>         Queues pack with group <g>, pack <s> and pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <g>,<s>,<n-m> <net>   Queues pack with group <g>, pack <s> and pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue

348) French translation (contributed by Dandevito)
Activate with "./Lang fr" after "Configure"
to switch back to English call "./Lang en"

Show the CRC32 of content of a compressed file.

346) ignore_duplicate_ip (inspired by Loke_AF)
Detect faked hostmasks and abort multiple transfers to the same host
and ignore the user for the give time in hours.
Default: 0 == no check.

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Bot did not build with ruby 1.9.1.

345) xdccxmlfile
Speed up writing the xdccxmlfile.

344) DUMP
On DUMP now all config data is written in seperate section.

343) dump_all
If set shows all config vars on DUMP.
Default is to show only non default entries.

342) announce_suffix_color (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Set color for the instructions suffix in the announce message.
This will print the text "/MSG <botname> XDCC GET <nr>" in color.
Default no color.


  new admin commands:
  CHLIMIT <n> <m> <x>                Change download limit to <x> transfers per day for pack <n> to <m>
  CHGETS <n> <m> <x>                 Set the get counter to <x> for pack <n> to <m>

340) CHMINS, CHMAXS (inspired by CreeW)

  new admin commands:
  CHMINS <n> <m> <x>                 Change min speed to <x> KB/s for pack <n> to <m>
  CHMAXS <n> <m> <x>                 Change max speed to <x> KB/s for pack <n> to <m>

bugfix: autoaddann (reported by Aashiqmunda)
Removed []-brackets from default announce text.

339) show_group_of_pack (inspired by Zenquibo)
Export your xdcc list with group for each pack.
Default output is just the packs

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (report by Hikaru Shindo)
Extend the structure so it is easier to parse.
Create and publish an XML DTD file.

338) AUTOCANCEL (inspired by [M]-V)

  new admin command:
  AUTOCANCEL                         Cancels all pending add and remove actions

337) adddir_min_size (inspired by Gamerkun)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will skip all files that are
smaller then the gives size in kB.
Default: no check

- bugfix: getip_network (reported by paulhamm)
Bot could crash when paramater did not match a network.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

336) channel -plaintext (inspired by TheDeath)
Disable colors when announcing for this channel.

335) plaintext
Disable colors when announcing on this network.

- bugfix: console
Bot could crash when editing commandline.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.24

- bugfix: BOTINFO
Show list of compiled in features.