Version 3.26

Added by Dirk Meyer over 7 years ago

365) tcp_nodelay
Disable the Nagle buffering algorithm in TCP.
The operating system will not optimze the size of each TCP packet.

364) tcp_buffer_size
Set the Networkbuffer for TCP connection to the given value in kByte.
Default: 0 = the operating system default.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: statefile
Allow loading a 64bit statefile on a 32bit system.
Format is now independent from time_t of the system.

bugfix: XDCC INFO
Fix byteorder of CRC32 of a compressed file.

363) backup statefile
Backup statefile when version of iroffer changes

362) offline
Disable connecting to this network.

bugfix: CLOSEC (reported by unlogisch)
Bot did crash when paramater did not match a chat.
versions affected: 3.25

bugfix: getip_network (reported by Gotanius)
DCC IP was not set on startup.
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.25

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Use new API for ruby 1.9.2

361) Export the crc32/md5 as sumfile
htdocs/sfv.txt.rb: export crc32 in sfv format.
pack: "/sfv.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/sfv.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/sfv.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"
htdocs/md5.txt.rb: export md5 in md5sum format
pack: "/md5.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/md5.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/md5.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"
htdocs/info.txt.rb: export file info as list.
pack: "/info.txt.rb?pack=21"
range: "/info.txt.rb?pack=21;last=29"
group: "/info.txt.rb?group=ZZZ"

360) htdocs
Suport ruby cgi scripts that generate non html mime data.
"name.txt.rb" will generate plain text content.

359) ruby_script
Extend method "info_pack" to request fields of a pack.
Implemented: "group_desc", "bytes", "size", "name"
Extend access to network config for simple variables.
Extend "command" to take any number of parameters.

bugfix: NEWANN
NEWANN caused the bot to crash.
versions affected: 3.25

358) NEWANN (inspired by SellKony, CreeW)

new admin commands:
  NEWANN <n> <channel> <net>         ANNOUNCE for the last <n> packs in channel <channel> on net <net>
  NEWANN <n> <channel>               ANNOUNCE for the last <n> packs in channel <channel>

bugfix: XDCC STOP
Bot did not remove "XDCC LIST" when the output had not started yet.

357) RMALLQ (inspired by Loke_AF)

new admin command:
  RMALLQ                             Removes entries from idle and main queue

356) translations
All translation can be build from the same src
All translaten binaries have a suffix by default:
iroffer-de, iroffer-fr, iroffer-it
Fix problem with leftover files from older versions.

bugfix: bsdmake
Generated Makefile now supports both gnumake and bsdmake.

355) XDCC BATCH, BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Allow backwards ranges from <a> downto <b>.

bugfix: logstats (reported by LazyTiger)
With logstats off, logroate was ignored.
With logstats on and no logfile defined, not stats where printed to DCC chat.

bugfix: ./Lang ??
Detect and use "utf-8" if $LANG is set in the enviroment.

354) iroffer -c mybot.config
If a configfile is given,
the encrypted password will not be printed,
but directly added to the end of the configfile.

bugfix: XDCC INFO
Don't show desc if it is identical with filename.

bugfix: XDCC BATCH (reported by Aashiqmunda)
The end of a range was not checked.