Version 3.27

Added by Dirk Meyer about 7 years ago

Extend the Makefile with custom translations

new admin command:

  REMOVEMATCH <pattern>              Remove every pack matching this pattern

bugfix: Configure (reported by OmegaPhil)
Ensure detection of sendfile on Linux works with gcc46.

bugfix: XDCC SEND
If user has already packs in the idlequeue, do not add new packs from him to the mainqueue.

381) subdirs_delayed
When configured, addir, addnew, and autoadd will scan subdirs later.
This keeps the bot responsive if you have a huge directory tree.
Default: off, subdirectories are scanned immediatly.

bugfix: DUMP
Fix output of values with multiplier.

380) server_connect_timeout (insprired by Thom)
Set the starting timeout in seconds on connect to the IRC-server.
This setting can only be set per network.
Default: 5

379) DCLD (insprired by Aashiqmunda)
Show IP and country with DCLD.

378) respondtochannellist, respondtochannelxdcc (inspired by CreeW)
This setting can be global or per network.

377) periodicmsg (insprired by nanashiRei)
Setting now only per network. Multiple lines per net allowed.

376) IQSEND (inspired by CreeW)
new admin commands:

  IQSEND                             Push next entry from idle queue into main queue
  IQSEND <id>                        Push given entry from idle queue into main queue

Show HOLDQUEUE in botinfo when active.

375) OFFLINE, ONLINE (inspired by isengaurd)
new admin commands:

  OFFLINE                            Close all networks
  OFFLINE <net>                      Close given network
  ONLINE                             Resume all networks
  ONLINE <net>                       Resume given network

374) announce_size (inspired by vice)
Print size of pack on announce.
Default: no

bugfix: http_port
Force GMT to all Dates.

373) http_dir
Support partial downloads and resume of files.
Count all files into maxspeed.

bugfix: ignore_duplicate_ip
Remove user from queue too.

372) statefile
Startup and shutdown of the bot is now much faster.

371) tcp_nodelay, tcp_buffer_size (inspired by Aashiqmunda)
Better defaults for Windows/CYGWIN builds.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: BATCH (reported by Aashiqmunda)
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.26
Bot did crash on admin command if the range was exeeding the last pack on the bot.

370) delayed announce (inspired by TheDeath)
Delay announce till all files are added
and the checkums has been computed.
Wait if pack stays locked.

bugfix: autosendpack (reported by Jikan)
Allow "autosendpack" with packnumber '-1'.

369) RUBY
new admin commands:

  RUBY <method> <args>               Call a method in the ruby_script with parameters <args>
  RUBY <method>                      Call a method in the ruby_script with no parameters

bugfix: REHASH (reported by CreeW)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.26
Bot crashed when no global "user_nick" was defined.

368) XDCC SEND (inspired by TheDeath)
Tell user to use "XDCC REMOVE <number>".

367) PRINT, ruby_script
New variables for irconfig() "disk_space", "disk_space_text", "packsum",
"idlequeueused", "mainqueueused", "slotsfree", "slotsused",
"transfereddaily", "transferedweekly", "transferedmonthly",
"transferedtotal", "transferedtotalbytes", "uptime", "totaluptime",
"bandmax", "banduse"
New variable "mynick"

366) http_port
Use short urls in weblist.

bugfix: mime_type
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.26
Extra mime_type definitions where only used once.