Version 3.28

Added by Dirk Meyer about 6 years ago

bugfix: gnutls_protocol_set_priority deprecated
Now newer gnutls API 2.12.x is used.

393) ruby_script (suggested by kenoki)
New method "on_upload_completed" called for each file uploaded by XDCC or FETCH.

Configure -no-chroot (S├ębastien Picavet)
Build without chroot() support

bugfix: exit status (S├ębastien Picavet)
Exit staus in backgroung is now 0 on success.

bugfix: send_listfile (reported by Bachstelze)
Default was not set on REHASH.
XDCC LIST SEND was not disabled.

392) admin_job_done_file (suggested by Loke_AF)
Write the output from the commands in "admin_job_file" into this file.
Default: <admin_job_file>.done

391) REMOVELOST (suggested by Loke_AF, Sakura`Kinomoto)

new admin commands:

  REMOVELOST                         Remove all lost packs
  REMOVELOST <pattern>               Remove lost packs matching this pattern

390) md5sum_exclude (suggested by Loke_AF)
configured, MD5 and CRC32 will be not computed for files matching
this patterns.

389) SERVQ (suggested by Loke_AF)

new admin command:

  SERVQ <net>                        Clears the server send queue

Without argument not all networks where affected.

Allow DELTRIGGER when CHTRIGGER is enabled.

bugfix: expire_logfiles (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 3.26 - 3.27
Bot could not delete expired files.

-kqueue Compile with kqueue() support

bugfix: md5
Warn if the file gets truncated while hashing.

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.6

bugfix: http_port
Reduce load when sending data over HTTP.

bugfix: max_upspeed (reported by Loke_AF)
The CPU load reached 100% when max_upspeed as limiting an upload.

Configure -kqueue
Use kqueue to interfaces with the kernel for better performance.

388) autoaddann_mask (suggested by Aashiqmunda)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will only announce files
that do match this patterns.

387) adddir_match (suggested by TheDeath)
When configured, addir, adnew and autoadd will skip all files that do
not match this patterns.

386) CLEARRECORDS, CLEARGETS (suggested by Loke_AF)
Backup the statefile before clearing.

385) ruby_script (suggested by CreeW)
New method "on_packlist", called if the pack list has changed.

384) extend_status_line (suggested by Loke_AF)
Print SrvQ of current network.

383) INFO, QUEUE, IQUEUE, SEND (suggested by Loke_AF)
Allow -1 for the xdcclistfile.

bugfix: telnet_port
Logging was reporting only the first network name.

382) Export for XDCC parser
htdocs/parser.txt.rb: export all packs in XDCC Parser notaion.

bugfix: overallmaxspeed (reported by Loke_AF)
Fix distribution of load over mutiple transfers.

bugfix: http_port (reported by sheppert)
versions affected: 3.23 - 3.27
In field 'slotsfree' of the weblist was the value of 'slotsused' displayed.