Version 3.30

Added by Dirk Meyer over 2 years ago

411) VERSION (suggested by Loke_AF)

new admin command:
  VERSION                              Show version of iroffer

bugfix: QUEUE (reported by Days)
Ignore Hostname check if admin has queued for different nicks.

bugfix: openssl
Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 and allow TLS1.0, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 protocol

bugfix: xddclistfile (reported by Loke_AF)
After "ADD" then xddclistfile was written too late.

bugfix: md5sum (reported by Loke_AF)
Bot can crash when the current file is truncated.
versions affected: 3.28 - 3.29

bugfix: CTCP SEARCH (reported by Dagger)
The ending code 0x01 was not removed from search.

bugfix: logfile (reported by OmegaPhil)
Bot will crash if logfile is not writeable.
versions affected: 1.1 - 3.29

bugfix: nomd5 (reported by [M]-V)
Announce stalled if nomd5 is set and nocrc32 is not set.
versions affected: 1.27 - 3.29

bugfix: statefile (reported by Loke_AF)
When the filesystem id has changed, the bot updates the statefile on startup.

bugfix: transferlimits (reported by Loke_AF)
Handle change of Daylight Saving Time corectly.

410) FETCH queue
FETCH comands are now queued if max_uploads is reached.

bugfix: FETCH
When resuming a file the full content was fetched.

bugfix: FETCH
FETCH did not use the configured local_vhost.

bugfix: max_uploads
max_uploads will now count all incoming transfers.

Get the filename and date from remote HTTP-server.
On completed download to the bot the file is renamed.

bugfix: autoadd_time
Skip autoadd when packs_delayed is not empty.

408) DCC STATUS (suggested by OmegaPhil)
Report idle queue in DCC STATUS reply.

407) server_send_max
Restrict the size of the buffer the bot sends to the irc-server.
Otherwise the bot will be banned cause of excess flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 600

406) server_send_rate
Limit the median number of characters per second the bot sends
to the IRC server.
Otherwise the bot will be banned cause of excess flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 25

405) reminder_send_retry
Defines how often the bot retries to start the XDDC SEND to the user.
The default is 2 retries.

extend debug and log information.