iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.24

Added by Dirk Meyer about 8 years ago

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: SHUTDOWN (reported by Zir0h)
Bot crashes on "SHUTDOWN" when build with ruby 1.9.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (report by nanashiRei)
Fix spelling in xmltag bandwith -> bandwidth.

bugfix: CLOSEU (reported by [M]-V)
Bot did crash when a bad upload id is passed.
versions affected: 3.23

bugfix: autoadd_dir
Directories with spaces where not parsed.

bugfix: GET (reported by unlogisch)
Bot crashed if uploaddir was not defined.
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.23

bugfix: autoaddann (reported by Aashiqmunda)
If no ruby_script was defined, bot did no announce.

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.23

Added by Dirk Meyer about 8 years ago

bugfix: ruby_script (reported by Zir0h)
Method "on_added" did not announce on true.

bugfix: transfermethod "freebsd-sendfile" (reported by SamKook)
Fall back on plain read/write if sendfile aborts.

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (submitted by praya)
The XML was not well-formed for transfereddaily an more.

335) requeue_sends (inspired by Loke_AF, Xarda)
When the bot shutdowns, sends are aborted. With this option set, sends
are saved with the queued items, so transfers might resume on restart.

bugfix: CHCOLOR (reported by Aashiqmunda)
xdcclistfileraw was ignored.
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.22

bugfix: ADMIN
versions affected: 3.21 - 3.22
Bot did respond in a message in a channel start with ADMIN.

bugfix: xdcclist_grouponly (reported by Trellmor)
If xdcclist_grouponly is not set, do not confuse the user with
"XDCC LIST group" and " XDCC LIST ALL".

334) RMQ, RMIQ (inspired by [M]-V)

new admin commands:
  CLOSE                              Cancels all transfers
  CLOSEU                             Cancels all uploads
  RMQ                                Removes all entries from main queue
  RMIQ                               Removes all entries from idle queue
  FETCHCANCEL                        Stop download of all fetch running
  CLOSEC                             Closes all DCC chats

333) http_forbidden (inspired by TheDeath)
Defines the URL page to show when access is forbidden.
The given URL must resolve in a file in http_dir.
Default: Send only the HTTP error.

bugfix: http_geoip (reported by TheDeath)
Could not be switched off.
Now generate HTTP 403 Forbidden.

bugfix: CHCOLOR
Fix problem when filename starts with a number.

332) no_natural_sort (inspired by lailoken)
Wenn konfiguriert, werden alle Texte nach ASCII sortiert.
Default: natürlliche Sortierenung.

bugfix: http_port (reported by Nouhime)
Allow groups with "&" in weblist.

331) BATCH (inspired by Aashiqmunda)

new admin commands:
  BATCH <nick> <g>                   Queues pack with group <g> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <g> <net>             Queues pack with group <g> for <nick> in net <net> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <n>-<m>               Queues pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in idle queue
  BATCH <nick> <n>-<m> <net>         Queues pack <n> to <m> for <nick> in net <net> in idle queue

bugfix: SHUTDOWN
versions affected: 1.0 - 3.22
Nicht alle Nachricten wurden gesendet.
Laufende Uploads un Downloads wurden nicht sauber beendet.

bugfix: AUTOADD
versions affected: 3.22
If you have filenames with multiple directory separators,
e.G. "//", "/./" or "/../" then the
Bot could stop working with "To many open files".

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.22

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago

bugfix: autosendpack, CHTRIGGER (reported by Lamune)
versions affected: 3.21
Bot crashes on trigger message.

If a renamed file is found on AUTOADD, fix the existing pack with the new filename.

bugfix: Configure
Ensure detection works with gcc46.

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.4.20100609

Make autoadd less verbose.

bugfix: CTCP PING (reported by TheDeath)
versions affected: 3.8 - 3.21
Bot did not respond on CTCP PING.

bugfix: server_connected_raw (reported by mynakee)
versions affected: 3.12 - 3.21
Do not crash on invalid config lines.

329) autoadd_color (inspired by CreeW)
Set color for files to be added in autoadd_dir.
Default no color.
Format: <color>,<background>,<style>

328) CHCOLOR (inspired by CreeW)

new admin commands:
  CHCOLOR <n> <m> <x>,<b>,<s>        Set the of pack <n> to <m> to color <x>, background <b> and style <s>
  CHCOLOR <n> <x>,<b>,<s>            Set the of pack <n> to color <x>, background <b> and style <s>

values for color, background:
     0 no color
     1 black
     2 blue (navy)
     3 green
     4 red
     5 brown (maroon)
     6 purple
     7 orange (olive)
     8 yellow
     9 light green (lime)
    10 teal (a green/blue cyan)
    11 light cyan (cyan) (aqua)
    12 light blue (royal)
    13 pink (light purple) (fuchsia)
    14 grey
    15 light grey (silver)
    16 white
values for style:
     0 = none
     1 = bold
     2 = underline
     4 = italic
     8 = inverse

bugfix: italic text was not stripped

327) DISKFREE (inspired by Erdrick)
new admin command:

  DISKFREE                        Shows free space in upload directory

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: XDCC BATCH (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 3.21
BATCH was aborted after one pack.

bugfix: SSL
Make connection more robust if the irc-server is busy.

326) http_access_log (inspired by TheDeath)
If defined, iroffer will log http request in CLF compatible format.
Default: disabled.

325) logrotate <n> (inspired by Globulus)
Allow faster logroate each <n> hour.

324) download_completed_msg (inspired by Xarda)
Put a credit at the end of each transfer.

References TODO:
Short Term Features:
141 11/12/00 Open send credit line when sending packs

323) DELTRIGGER (inspired by k1ll0r-chan)
new admin command:

  DELTRIGGER <n> <m>              Delete trigger for pack <n> to <m>

new admin command:

  CLOSEGET <net> <nick>           Cancel Request for bot <nick>

321) status_time_dcc_chat (inspired by OmegaPhil)
Defines the time in seconds for a status line in dcc chat.
Default: 120

extend debug and log information.

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.21

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago

bugfix: PRINT (reported by Rilly, patch by Bachstelze)
versions affected: 3.13 - 3.20
Bot did crash if an undef config var was requested.

bugfix: AUTOADD
Warn if files have date in the future.

bugfix: CHCOLOR (reported by Vision)
Use Color in ANNOUNCE, XDCC SEARCH, and FIND trigger.

320) configfile
Allow to network sections with same name to effect one network.

Set paths for needed libs and installatiion.


new admin commands:

  CHCOLOR <n> <m> <x>,<b>            Set the of pack <n> to <m> to color <x> and background <b>
  CHCOLOR <n> <x>,<b>                Set the of pack <n> to color <x> and background <b>

bugfix: CTCP
versions affected: 3.13 - 3.20
Respond to CTCP in channel.

bugfix: connectionmethod ssl (reported by Misha-SU)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.20
Connection handshake is now non-blocking.

318) login_name (suggested by Tak0r)
If you would like to register with the LOGIN command you need to
define the name if the service you have to use here.
This setting can only be set per network.

318) auth_name (suggested by Tak0r)
If you would like to register with the AUTH command you need to define
the name if the service you have to use here.
This setting can only be set per network.

bugfix: lots of concurrent transfers (reported by Loke_AF)
versions affected: 1.2 - 3.20
Bot could crash when selecting a transfer.

317) restrictsend, restrictlist (inspired by HymnToLife)
You can set restrictsend and restrictlist for each network differently.

316) ruby_script
Extend method "info_pack" to request fields of a pack.
Implemented: "lock", "dlimit_max", "dlimit_used", "has_md5sum", "has_crc32", "mtime", "xtime", "crc32", "md5sum"

315) logrotate (inspired by TheDeath)
The logfile_httpd will be rotated too.

314) -w dir
Chdir to dir as working directory.

extend debug and log information.

313) group_admin uploadhost (inspired by dondieschotte)
After the grouplist you can define an uploaddir for this admin.
The hostmask will be automatically added as uploadhost.
Allow LISTUL if uploaddir is defined.

References TODO:
Long Term Features:
213 7/17/04 Open allow multiple uploaddirs>

bigfix: ANNOUNCE (reported by Henrik Krohns)
Give announces priority over XDCC LIST.

bugfix: -plist (reported by Henrik Krohns)
Skip plist when announce queue is already full.

bugfix: restrictsend (reported by torque)
Bot did not start sending packs when restrictsend is off and no channel configured.

bugfix: QUIT (reported by Henrik Krohns)
Print a warning and close the conenction when the server sends QUIT to the bot.

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.19

Added by Dirk Meyer over 8 years ago

312) http_index (inspired by Eomyn)
Defines the page to show when no filename is given in the URL.
Default: xdcclistfile
For Weblist set: http_index /?
For your own static page in htdocs set: http_index /index.html

311) Identifying Using SSL + CertFP (inspired by Lamune)
Supports Identifying via an self signed SSL certificate.
The bot looks for the file "<networkname>.pem" which
must hold cert and key. If this file is not found it looks
for "<networkname>.crt" and "<networkname>.key".
The found certificate is passed to the server on connect.


new user command:
XDCC REMOVE &lt;n&gt; remove pack &lt;n&gt; from all Queues.

309) passive_dcc_chat (inspired by TheDeath)
Allow all admins to use passive DCC chat on the bot.
Default: off.
Admins must use "/MSG bot ADMIN password CHATME" instead.

bugfix: autoadd (reported by Loke_AF)
Bot can't handle filenames with '\', we skip them.

bugfix: mirc_dcc64
Bot sent to many bytes in handshake when user uploads a file to the bot.

bugfix: need_level (reported by fred|krue)
versions affected: 2.0 - 3.18
report needed status to user.

308) http_admin_dir
Defines directory for protected files handled out by the webserver
for the admin user.
Default: disabled.

307) hide_list_stop (inspired by fred|krue)
Don't print line with "/msg nick xdcc stop"

306) NOANNOUNCE (inspired by Lamune and TheDeath)

new admin command:
NOANNOUNCE &lt;x&gt; Disables all announces for next &lt;x&gt; minutes

bugfix: http_search (reported by Nouhime)
versions affected: 3.16 - 3.18
search did not find any pack.

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.18

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 9 years ago

bugfix: statefile
Use 64bit time if avaliible.
Read 32bit statefile on 64bit systems.

305) slow_privmsg (inspired by Lamune)
Restrict PRIVMSG to n lines per sec in this network to avoid flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 1

304) performance
Use free crc32 tables.
Reduce memory footprint.
Speed up writing of statefile.

Resend "DCC SEND" mesaage again, if user doesn't connect.

bugfix: do not limit console output.

bugfix: old_statefile (reported by Loke_AF)
Import 32bit timestamps from older versions.

bugfix: include_subdirs (reported by super89)
versions affected: 2.0 - 3.17
On linux autoadd with include_subdirs could skip files.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: statefile
versions affected: 3.6 - 3.17
Set version 2 in the "statefile".
Fix error messages while parsing.

new admin commands:

  CHCOLOR <n> <m> <x>                Set the of pack <n> to <m> to color <x>
  CHCOLOR <n> <x>                    Set the of pack <n> to color <x>
  CHCOLOR <n>                        Remove the color of pack <n>

iroffer-dinoex: ab Version 3.16

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 9 years ago

301) xdccxmlfile
New tags "mainqueue" and "idlequeue".

bugfix: http_port
Use ';' instead '&' for navigation.

bugfix: CHDESC
Bot did crash when argument was omitted.
versions affected: 3.12 - 3.15

301) ruby_script
New method "on_added", called for each pack added to the bot.
New method "info_pack" to request fields of a pack.
Implemented: "file", "desc", "note", "group", "trigger", "gets", "size"

bugfix: transfermethod "linux-sendfile" (reported by isengaurd)
Fall back on plain read/write if sendfile aborts.

300) xdccxmlfile (inspired by PastisD)
New tags for network and nicknames.

bugfix: removelostfiles
Remove all lost files in a single run.

299) noannounce (inspired by Hamikzo)
Disable all announces for the current network.

298) no_find_trigger (inspired by Dragon)
Iroffer will respond to "!find" too if atfind is defined.
This flag will make the bot ignore "!find".
default: response to "!find"

297) admin_job_file
Allow comments while parsing the file "admin_job_file".

296) xdccxmlfile
New tag "transferedtotalbytes" (inspired by Chii-sama).
Tag "added" is changed to "adddate".

opensolaris: set buffer size for output

bugfix: xdcclistfile (reported by Procyon)
Size of a pack was shown without unit when bytes where rouded up to "10.0".

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: connectionmethod ssl (contributed by HymnToLife)
Build with "GNU TLS" on systems without any "OpenSSL".

bugfix: XDCC upload (reported by TheDeath)
Some versions of mIRC triggered on passive upload
the error message "File to big."

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

295) getipfromupnp
Get my own IP from the upnp router and use this as value for usenatip.
Set usenatip to a default value ( when using this option.


Also available in: Atom