ab Version 3.19

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 9 years ago

312) http_index (inspired by Eomyn)
Defines the page to show when no filename is given in the URL.
Default: xdcclistfile
For Weblist set: http_index /?
For your own static page in htdocs set: http_index /index.html

311) Identifying Using SSL + CertFP (inspired by Lamune)
Supports Identifying via an self signed SSL certificate.
The bot looks for the file "<networkname>.pem" which
must hold cert and key. If this file is not found it looks
for "<networkname>.crt" and "<networkname>.key".
The found certificate is passed to the server on connect.


new user command:
XDCC REMOVE &lt;n&gt; remove pack &lt;n&gt; from all Queues.

309) passive_dcc_chat (inspired by TheDeath)
Allow all admins to use passive DCC chat on the bot.
Default: off.
Admins must use "/MSG bot ADMIN password CHATME" instead.

bugfix: autoadd (reported by Loke_AF)
Bot can't handle filenames with '\', we skip them.

bugfix: mirc_dcc64
Bot sent to many bytes in handshake when user uploads a file to the bot.

bugfix: need_level (reported by fred|krue)
versions affected: 2.0 - 3.18
report needed status to user.

308) http_admin_dir
Defines directory for protected files handled out by the webserver
for the admin user.
Default: disabled.

307) hide_list_stop (inspired by fred|krue)
Don't print line with "/msg nick xdcc stop"

306) NOANNOUNCE (inspired by Lamune and TheDeath)

new admin command:
NOANNOUNCE &lt;x&gt; Disables all announces for next &lt;x&gt; minutes

bugfix: http_search (reported by Nouhime)
versions affected: 3.16 - 3.18
search did not find any pack.

ab Version 3.18

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 9 years ago

bugfix: statefile
Use 64bit time if avaliible.
Read 32bit statefile on 64bit systems.

305) slow_privmsg (inspired by Lamune)
Restrict PRIVMSG to n lines per sec in this network to avoid flooding.
This setting is only per network.
Default: 1

304) performance
Use free crc32 tables.
Reduce memory footprint.
Speed up writing of statefile.

Resend "DCC SEND" mesaage again, if user doesn't connect.

bugfix: do not limit console output.

bugfix: old_statefile (reported by Loke_AF)
Import 32bit timestamps from older versions.

bugfix: include_subdirs (reported by super89)
versions affected: 2.0 - 3.17
On linux autoadd with include_subdirs could skip files.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: statefile
versions affected: 3.6 - 3.17
Set version 2 in the "statefile".
Fix error messages while parsing.

new admin commands:

  CHCOLOR <n> <m> <x>                Set the of pack <n> to <m> to color <x>
  CHCOLOR <n> <x>                    Set the of pack <n> to color <x>
  CHCOLOR <n>                        Remove the color of pack <n>

ab Version 3.16

Added by Dirk Meyer about 9 years ago

301) xdccxmlfile
New tags "mainqueue" and "idlequeue".

bugfix: http_port
Use ';' instead '&' for navigation.

bugfix: CHDESC
Bot did crash when argument was omitted.
versions affected: 3.12 - 3.15

301) ruby_script
New method "on_added", called for each pack added to the bot.
New method "info_pack" to request fields of a pack.
Implemented: "file", "desc", "note", "group", "trigger", "gets", "size"

bugfix: transfermethod "linux-sendfile" (reported by isengaurd)
Fall back on plain read/write if sendfile aborts.

300) xdccxmlfile (inspired by PastisD)
New tags for network and nicknames.

bugfix: removelostfiles
Remove all lost files in a single run.

299) noannounce (inspired by Hamikzo)
Disable all announces for the current network.

298) no_find_trigger (inspired by Dragon)
Iroffer will respond to "!find" too if atfind is defined.
This flag will make the bot ignore "!find".
default: response to "!find"

297) admin_job_file
Allow comments while parsing the file "admin_job_file".

296) xdccxmlfile
New tag "transferedtotalbytes" (inspired by Chii-sama).
Tag "added" is changed to "adddate".

opensolaris: set buffer size for output

bugfix: xdcclistfile (reported by Procyon)
Size of a pack was shown without unit when bytes where rouded up to "10.0".

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: connectionmethod ssl (contributed by HymnToLife)
Build with "GNU TLS" on systems without any "OpenSSL".

bugfix: XDCC upload (reported by TheDeath)
Some versions of mIRC triggered on passive upload
the error message "File to big."

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

295) getipfromupnp
Get my own IP from the upnp router and use this as value for usenatip.
Set usenatip to a default value ( when using this option.

ab Version 3.15

Added by Dirk Meyer over 9 years ago

bugfix: XDCC SEND LIST (reported by Kamina)
Bot did crash after restart when LIST had been queued.

bugfix: Darwin (inspired by HymnToLife)
fix build under Darwin.

bugfix: upnp_router
Update for libminiupnpc 1.3

294) http_geoip (inspired by TheDeath)
Enables geoip country check for HTTP requests.
Default: disabled.

293) vital information (inspired by MasterCJ)
Tell admin which variable is missing.

292) NEWANN (inspired by Protected)

new admin command:
NEWANN &lt;n&gt; ANNOUNCE for the last &lt;n&gt; packs in all joined channels

291) geoipexcludegroup
Allow downloads for packs in this group, even if geoip entry differs.


new admin command:
XDLGROUP List packs without a group

289) FETCH (inspired by Scorp)
Support HTML redirects while using FETCH.

bugfix: GET (reported by Scorp)
hostmask did not match when nicksname contained "[]".

288) logfile_httpd (inspired by TheDeath, AnimeNeko)
If defined, iroffer will log http request and errors in this logfile.

ab Version 3.14

Added by Dirk Meyer over 9 years ago

289) RESTART (inspired by Ryu)

new admin command:
RESTART Shutdown and restart the bot.

287) chats and uploads (inspired by Ryu)
Drop hard limits on chats and uploads.

bugfix: XDCC SEND LIST (reported by LazyTiger)
Bot did crash if no xdcclistfile was defined.

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: BOTINFO
Show the network specific nicks.

bugfix: MULTINET
Allow up to 10 networks.

bugfix: XDCC BATCH (reported by Wetter)
Accept XDCC BATCH with only 1 Parameter.

bugfix: HOP
versions affected: 3.9 - 3.13
HOP without network did nor check all networks.

bugfix: autoadd_group_match (reported by dns777)
versions affected: 3.13
The patterns was not stored, so the config was not active.

286) LAG (inspired by Ryu)

new admin commands:
LAG Show lag on all networks.
LAG &lt;net&gt; Show lag on one network.

bugfix: DCLD (reported by HymnToLife)
versions affected: 3.13
reporting nicknames now in original case.

ab Version 3.13

Added by Dirk Meyer over 9 years ago

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (reported by freijie)
packinfo extended with packbytes

285) MAKEDIR (suggested by Blade121, Ryu)

new admin command:
MAKEDIR &lt;dir&gt; Create a new directory on disk.

extend debug and log information.

284) atfind (inspired by Vision)
New trigger "!FIND", same as "@FIND".

bugfix: channel (reported by Vision)
versions affected: 3.12
Do not print error when last argument ends with '"'.

bugfix: ignore
Upload are now protected with ignore.

283) htdocs
Basic support to execute ruby sripts (.rb) over HTTP.

Configure -no-libs
Build a static binary.

bugfix: CONFIG (reported by SellKony)
Bot did crash when argument was omitted.

bugfix: xdcclist_grouponly (reported by Aashiqmunda)
If changed on REHASH, recreate xdcclistfile.

282) QUL
Better computation of estimated download time.

bugfix: auto_path_group
Works now for relative pathnames.

bugfix: autoadd_group_match (reported by dns777)
Works now for relative pathnames.

281) PRINT

new admin command:
PRINT &lt;key&gt; Print config variable &lt;key&gt;

280) ruby_script
Skip processing if event returns true.
Read access to config valiables.

bugfix: atfind (reported by freijie)
versions affected: 3.12
@find responded only if more than 3 special chars are in the pattern.

bugfix: ADDDIR (reprted by [M]-V)
versions affected: 3.12
Fixed dirnames and filenames with spaces.

improved italian translation.

bugfix: weblist_info
Strip " from names in weblist.

ab Version 3.12

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 10 years ago

bugfix: FETCHCANCEL (reported by HymnToLife)
Allow to kill transfer if id > 1, make id static.

bugfix: trashcan_dir
Don't remove files if moving fails.

bugfix: FILEDEL (reported by Lamune)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.11
Bot did crash when using relative pathnames.

279) channel -notrigger (inspired by AnimeNeko)
Do not respond to any triggers on this channel.

278) send_batch, XDCC BATCH (inspired by: Otaku, Alita-chan, TheDeath, satmd)
Permit XDCC BATCH. The packs are Queued up in the bot is possible.
default: disabled

new user commands:
XDCC BATCH &lt;group&gt; try to send or queue all packs of a group
XDCC BATCH &lt;group&gt; &lt;password&gt; try to send or queue all packs of a group locked with password
XDCC BATCH &lt;from&gt;-&lt;to&gt; try to send or queue the given range of packs
XDCC BATCH &lt;from&gt;-&lt;to&gt; &lt;password&gt; try to send or queue the given range of packs locked with password

277) ruby_script
Reload if script has been changed.
Error handling to report programm errors.
Script uses the new event interface.
You need to rewrite your old scripts.
Autovoice is now possible.
Admin commands are now possible.

bugfix: XDCC upload (reported by Bambus)
versions affected: 3.2 - 3.11
Bot changed '&' and others chars in filename to to '_'.

bugfix: DUMP
Do no longer dump on chat or console.
Schreibe den DUMP nicht mer in Chat oder Konsole.

276) no_auto_rehash (inspired by TheDeath)
If defined, iroffer will not automaticlly REHASH when a configfile was
was changed. Default: Do a REHASH.

275) XDCC SEARCH (inspired by TheDeath)
Parse all arguments for search.

274) group_admin
Allow group_admin to issue "/msg ADMIN".

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: CONTROL-C
versions affected: 2.15 - 3.11
Fix hang when forced shutdown by double CONTROL-C.

ab Version 3.11

Added by Dirk Meyer almost 10 years ago

bugfix: FETCH (reported by Bambus)
Don't check the name of the certicfiates for SSL hosts.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: NOSEND, NOLIST, NOSAVE, NOMD5 (reported by xShatteRx)
In case of overflow the minutes are now limited.

bugfix: DCC CHAT (reported by Radicand)
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.10
Bot will crash when typing on console while listening for DCC chat.

bugfix: fix small memory leaks

bugfix: XDCC SEND (reported by xShatteRx)
Do not let users skip queue by sending a new XDCC SEND right when the transfer closes.

bugfix: XDCC SEND
Put new XDCC SEND while starting up in Idle queue.

bugfix: REGROUP (reported by eagle_bot)
Allow to rename groups with spaces by quating.

bugfix: AUTOGROUP (reported by eagle_bot)
Don't create groups with spaces.

Read the dns resolver config on REHASH.

272) MANNOUNCE (inspired by Gentatsu)
new admin commands:
ANNOUNCE n ANNOUNCE <autoaddann> for pack n in all joined channels
MANNOUNCE <n> <m> ANNOUNCE <autoaddann> for pack <n> to <m> in all joined channels
CANNOUNCE <channnel> <n> ANNOUNCE <autoaddann> for pack n in <channel>

271) no_status_chat (inspired by xShatteRx)
If defined, iroffer will suppress status line in chat.

270) no_status_log (inspired by TheDeath)
If defined, iroffer will suppress status line in logfile.

269) JOIN (inspired by Kamina)

new admin command:
JOIN &lt;channel&gt; &lt;net&gt; &lt;key&gt; join channel with password &lt;key&gt; till rehash

bugfix: REGROUP
The rename to group "MAIN" is possible.

268) charset
This must be set to the encoding of your filenames.
The charset in header.html must match to this.

bugfix: DCC CHAT (reported by dondieschotte)
Restrict adminpassword to adminhost

bugfix: /etc/auth.conf (reported by Kaonashi)
Configure detects md5 and blf.

bugfix: xdccxmlfile (reported by dns777)
Fix output of filenames in utf-8

267) support setlocale()

bugfix: XDCC SEND LIST (reported by xShatteRx)
Fix crash on to many XDCC SEND LIST.

bugfix: REHASH pidfile
versions affected: 3.0 - 3.10
On REHASH remove old pidfile, create a new one if needed.

extend debug and log information.

bugfix: XDCC STOP
Revome user from both message queues.

bugfix: send_listfile
Omit warning if send_xdccfile was changed.

266) -i mybot.xdcc
Import old iroffer-style mybot.xdcc file on start.

bugfix: XDCC LIST (reported by Kamina)
show correct volume if greater 10 TB


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