Death's Random Notes

Here I write down some notes for me, so I remind things. Made this public as it might be useful for someone else too, through it be chaotic. ;)

Encryption of the adminpassword

The encryption of the adminpassword depends on the encryption the system actually use for the default (for example to encrypt your password in /etc/shadow). On most systems this is salted and rounded MD5 (not the normal MD5 implantation we use for verifying our files), which is more cryptographically safe then the normal. But also it can be Blowfish or 3-DES. Depends on your OS setting.

How to get status information from a bot as IRC user?

You can get information about the bot's status by issuing a /ctcp <bot> status.

Build iroffer-modDinoex in different languages

That's an easy task apparently when you wanna build one of the included language. Then you just run ./Configure like always and do when it comes to make add the language like "make it". You also can add multiple languages like for example "make it de fr", then he builds for each language the version. If you want to translate iroffer-modDinoex to your own language and run testruns, you can do that also but it works a bit different. Then you have to inform the Configure process already about your translation. He expects the translation in a file named <langid>.txt (for example it.txt, jp.txt etc.) and then you run ./Configure with TRANSLATION=<langid> (for example ./Configure TRANSLATION=jp). After that you run make <langid> (for example make jp) to build your own language version. If you translate it to a not yet present language, or have improved a present translation, please let us know and send in a copy. Thanks!