This is an improved version of iroffer
the unmodifed version can be found at

See modDinoex.README for changelog and features.

Eine deutsche Anleitung gibt es auf
Hier die Befehle für den Admin
Und die Wunschliste den Verbesserungen

Suggestions and feeback welcome, visit me on:
#dinoex on
#dinoex on
#dinoex on

Overview of features
Übersicht der Erweiterungen

You can browse the Sources via CVS at
You can browse the Sources via GIT at

We also are present at GitHub to make it easy for you guys to contribute code/translations.
Visit us at


Due to restrictive license of the GPL you are not allowed to distribute binaries that are linked against OpenSSL.
Please make sure if you distribute binaries, that "libcurl" is not linked with OpenSSL too.
To get a full featured version you have to build it yourself.
See for details.

If you include other modules, check


Iroffer-dinoex is free and open source, for personal and corporate use.
If you like donate you can contact me per mail or use PayPal Donations.
You can use the button on this page [].

Updating to a new version

1. Make a backup of your old configfiles and statefile
2. Compile the new iroffer
3. Replace the binary with the new version.
4. Send "RESTART" as admin command.

If you can not replace the binary:
3a. Shutdown iroffer (graceful)
Send "HOLDQUEUE" as admin command.
Send "SHUTDOWN DELAYED" as admin command.
Wait for the bit to complete the running transfers.
3b. Replace the binary with he new version.
3a. Start iroffer
The queued transfers will start.

Updating your main configfile

1. You need the keep the old sample.config around.
2. Make sure you run the new version of the bot.
3. Merge the configfile with "diff3"

diff3 -m mybot.config iroffer-dinoex-3.19/sample.config iroffer-dinoex-3.21/sample.config >

4. Check the file "" for conflicts.
Look out for sections with "<<<<<<" and ">>>>>>"
Resolve conflicts by removing the bad lines and keeping your config.

5. Replace the running config with the new version.

ln mybot.config mybot.config.backup
mv mybot.config

iroffer-dinoex will load the changed config line.

Using Translation for iroffer-dinoex

If wanna build one of the included languages, you just run "Configure" like always.

run ./Configure -curl -geoip -upnp -ruby

To build a language specific program you run "make" with the <langid> of your language.
For now we have the following translations.
  • de = German
  • it = Ttalian
  • fr = French

The german program can be made with:

make de

You can add multiple <langid> to build the program for each given language.

make it de fr

If you want to translate iroffer-dinoex to your own language and do testruns, it works a little different. You have to inform the Configure process about your translation. It expects the translation in a file named <langid>.txt (for example jp.txt) and then you run ./Configure with TRANSLATION=<langid> for example:

./Configure -curl -geoip -upnp -ruby TRANSLATION=jp

Then you can modify your translation file and run make <langid> for example
make jp

to build your own language version. If you translate it to a not yet present language, or have improved a present translation, please let us know and send in a copy. Thanks!

Ubuntu/Debian Package for iroffer-dinoex

The packages are built on Ubuntu because a Launchpad PPA makes it easier to
create a repository, but they are simple enough to probably work just as well
on any recent version of Debian or any Debian-based distribution.

Packages are available for Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) and Maverick (10.10). On those
systems, doing

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:firas/ppa

should be enough to add the repository to your sources list.

On other systems, you can try to add it manually by adding these lines

deb lucid main 
deb-src lucid main

to your sources.list, and running this command

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 13AFAAC4

to add the GPG key used to sign the packages.

Regardless of which method you used, don't forget to run 'apt-get update'
(possibly with sudo) to refresh your packages list.

The provided packages are:

  • iroffer-dinoex: installs the English version of iroffer-dinoex only, plus
    some documentation and example files
  • iroffer-dinoex-de: same as above, but installs the German version
  • iroffer-dinoex-fr: same as above, but installs the French version
  • iroffer-dinoex-it: same as above, but installs the Italian version
  • iroffer-dinoex-all: installs all of the above
  • iroffer-dinoex-doc: installs additional documentation that is not provided in
    the above packages

After the installation, please read the file README.Debian located in

iroffer 1.4

Iroffer Homepage
To update copy your old configfile and statefile with iroffer-dinoex.

Iroffer LAMM Homepage
Iroffer LAMM Project
To update copy your old configfile and statefile to iroffer-dinoex.
Riddles and /DCCServer is not supported by iroffer-dinoex.

iroffer up to 1.3.b04

Tools & patches
mod Splizzer

Information about Virus-scanners

Iroffer is not a virus, trojan or backdoor. It is a file server like FTP.
If you don't have installed this software yourself, but a scanner reports it on your harddisk, Iroffer has been installed by a malware after successful compromising your computer.

Iroffer is kein Virus, Trojaner oder Spähprogramm. Es ist ein Server zum Austausch von Dateien wie z.b. FTP.
Falls Sie das Programm nicht selbst installiert haben, und ein Prüfprogramm "Iroffer" findet, so wurde Iroffer vom eigentlichen Schadprogram erst nach dem erfolgreichen Eindringen in Ihren Rechner installiert.

more Links

Death's Random Notes

Additional Documentation

1. Possible URLs of the internal webserver
2. XDCC commandlist for the enduser
3. How to build iroffer-dinoex under windows with cygwin
4. How to use a different umask for the bot